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Video Services and European News coverage

Your audiovisual partner

since 1990

Full Audiovisual Facilities Based In Brussels

ENG / Camera Crews

Our ENG crews are all experienced cameramen used to working with tight deadlines

Video Editing

Headline offers 5 video editing booths and 12 portable sets with Avid and/or Ado Premiere

Live Positions & Studios

Headline has the st live positions in Brussels for EU correspondents and studio facilities

SNG / OB / Fibre / 4G

Professional live coverage thanks to our three satellite trucks and one OB/Streaming van

Research for Journalists

Rely on the support and experience of our dedicated research team 

Live Video Streaming

Broadcast your event live to the world with our professional live video streaming solutions
  • Cost-effective video production and multiple camera filming in any location around the world.
  • Rental of LiveU cellular bonded devices for live contribution to broadcasters or social media
  • London and Brussels-based studios to host your own ‘virtual’ event/launch.
  • Video streaming – a way of offering live and pre-recorded video content in a range of formats and distributed/hosted on websites and social channels.
  • Virtual debates with quarantined guests using different online meeting tools, enriched with graphics and videos and recorded or streamed to social media.
  • Construction and consultancy for creation of broadcast quality home studios to do live contributions without having to leave the house.
  • Editing of your self filmed video content with remote collaboration for instant feedback.

Headline News Facilities Productions

With more than 25 years of experience Headline NFP is a key player in the field of audiovisual news gathering.
Strategically located in Brussels, Headline NFP offers camera crews, video editing, studio facilities, satellite trucks, live web streaming and the assistance of a full-time production and research team.
In February 2019, Headline NFP came a part of DMA Media.

Broadcasters from all over the world rely on us
for their coverage of European news

BBC video crew
NRK video crew
Al Jazeera video crew
Euronews Video Crew
RTE video crew
France Télévisions video crew

Simon Wilson

BBC News

The highest professional standards!

"BBC News has worked with Headline in Brussels and around Europe for more than 25 years - and the service has always en reliable, adaptable and of the highest professional standards"

Euronews offices Brussels by Headline NFP

Headline's Technical Expertise

In 2011 we were the preferred partner of Euronews to set up their brand new Brussels offices. We continue to support them with technical advice for the smooth running of their audiovisual operations.

Headline offers consultancy for the complete setup of TV studios, acoustic engineering
and audiovisual workflow solutions.

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